All Laced Up and Ready to Go

I feel like I’m about to head out the door to try and tackle some beast of a trail that I’ve never seen before with starting up this blog. I’m passionate about running and the experiences I have running trails, so this blog is my way of sharing and talking about those experiences and the training I go through to get there. I’ll be talking about the gear I’m using, what I’m going through physically, mentally and emotionally as well as the races I compete in!

As we go I’ll include pictures and video’s of this place I’m running through and this site won’t seem quite so barren. Hopefully sharing my running world with everybody will be something people will enjoy and get something out of and with that let’s go!

This year I started running January 1st, with the insane warm temperatures we experienced here in the interior I was able get a three month jump on my training and with it I’ve set some lofty goals for myself. I’ve never considered myself a long distance runner, that is for me running distances further than a marathon but this year I really have gotten it into my head to try and get into ultra trail running. These distances are traditionally anything longer than a marathon with races usually in the 50k/100k/50 mile and 100 mile distances.

I don’t know why I want to do this but for some reason it just seems like a great thing to do. Last year I ran a local trail the Pinnell Mountain Trail which is roughly around 29 miles long and it took me a little over 7 hours to complete even after blowing my knees up and basically walking or hiking the last 5 miles of the trail. I wanted to go out and run it again this summer staying healthy and injury free through the whole process of training and actually running the trail. As I began training in January I started gravitating towards websites online of ultra runners and I got caught up in the spirit, drive and culture that is this little community.

Now I have set new goals for myself that include running my first ultra this year if I manage to stay healthy and injury free. There is an ultra marathon here in Fairbanks, the Equinox Marathon and Ultra Marathon. The ultra is 40 miles long and that’s my goal to compete in the ultra barring little things like work, training injuries or having to complete a qualifier to be eligible to enter the race. So today I’m running a fun 8 miles on the Dunbar Trail below the cabin, it’s an amazing 14 degrees out and it’s time to go!20160308_120118

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